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A Modern Local Telecommunications Provider

High-Speed, Uncapped Internet

Service focused on Northern Michigan

The response to our fiber launch has been overwhelmingly positive.  

The C.C.C. network services over 80 neighborhoods.  The average neighborhood contains 175 households.

C.C.C. is committed yo bring fiber to the every household and small business in our service region.

100% of efforts will be focused on delivering High Speed Internet access and Telephone service to you and your neighbors on our fiber network.  Yes every neighborhood will be converted from Fixed point wireless to fiber.

Fiber optics enables the data driven economy and is the future for the area that we have come to love and appreciate.

We can not do this alone.  We need your participation.  Take the survey.  Invite your neighbors to take the survey or better yet signup.  When we receive surveys or signups from 66% of your neighbors we will begin the signup/construction phase.

We anticipate this effort to require 3-5 years.

We will need to work with our partners to connect over 14,000 households.

We love this area called the  Cherry Capital of the world, Michigan's beautiful and vibrant northwest.  And in this beautiful place, Cherry Capital Communications is your home for ESP Fixed Point Wireless and Fiber to the Premise; Your Worry-Free and Guilt-Free Service.  All services provided without fear of costly data overages, unexpected site visit service fees and upgrade charges our customers can browse, download and stream with peace of mind.  We invite you to select CCC Fixed Point Wireless and Fiber to the Premise to get you connected to the internet.

High-speed internet means a smoother, uninterrupted browsing or viewing experience.  (Like streaming?  You need speed!)  Uncapped means you don't have to limit your usage or get charged extra for overages.  (Like streaming?  Then you really need access with no caps!)


If you are using LTE (cellular) or a satellite internet provider, data can be limited.  That is a real problem in a data-rich world where downloads can be large and smooth streaming content is what we have come to expect.  Even if you are not keeping track of your usage, your provider is!  As soon as you go over, the additional charges start tacking up quickly.

Cherry Capital Communications offers you a better way: High-speed, truly uncapped internet for all the browsing, streaming and searching your life demands.  No overage charges.  No surprises on your bill.  No more sharing data among 3-5 different users and hoping no one goes over.

In many areas, reliable high-speed internet and phone service can be hard to find and/or very costly.  The landscape of lakes, forests and villages can make data access difficult.  But we believe that where you choose to live, work and play should not limit your telecommunications options.  Cherry Capital Communications is 100% committed to delivering high-speed internet access, telephone, and point-to-point transport.

Break through your limits -- Contact Cherry Capital Communications today!


Your Choice Wireless or Fiber

Cherry Capital Communications ("CCC")is part of the Cherry Capital Connection, LLC network. 

CCC is an experienced, established and modern Michigan Telephone company.  


We are proud of our investment in your ability to access the information highway.   


Like you, CCC lives, works and plays here too! 

We are thankful that you have chosen CCC to be your provider.

How It Works

How does Cherry Capital Communications get high-speed internet access to all the remote, beautiful places we live in northern Michigan?  With special towers, fiber straight to the home, or any way we need to!  It's more about willpower than technology.  

And speaking of willpower, that's why our internet service is uncapped, too -- because we want it to be!  Enjoy Guilt-Free Gigabytes because you deserve it!

Click here for a Fixed Point Wireless reservation request form or

Click here to particpate in our Fiber survey / Sign up process!