Wildwood Valley Property Owners Association

Cherry Capital Connection, LLC DBA: Cherry Capital Communications is in discussions with the Wildwood Valley Property Owners Association regarding our willingness to invest in the community with the purpose of:


  1. Design and construct community focused infrastructure to deliver High Speed Internet services to each of the association members,

  2. Improving the Cherry Capital Communications (CCC) Fiber and Fixed Point wireless infrastructure in support of item 1,

  3. Integrating solutions that are Internet Protocol based to meet the needs of the association members such as No Cap Internet Access, Telephone and Streaming of Local TV content.


We thank the board and over the next few months we will evaluate the possibilities.  The first step is to determine the financial feasibility.  Construction of infrastructure is typically financed using the following vehicles:


  1. Cash flow – Funding through cash flow we require a 12-month ROI.  This method is securing reservation forms (see definitions) and prepayments for monthly service from enough potential customers to cost justify the construction.  A single tower may require as few as 15 customers depending on the many factors.  The more the demand the greater the justification.

  2. A property may fund the project and CCC provides a payback schedule.  The payback schedule usually is accomplished through discounts.  General payback schedule is 36-60 months.

  3. Any number of variations possible of item 1 and item 2 can create an environment that justifies proceeding forward towards construction.


CCC does not following the business practice of “build it” and “they will come”.  We refer to our process as a “Network Neighborhood” or “Micro network neighborhood”.  CCC welcomes creative financing methods and encourage open discussion.


We encourage consumers to:

  1. Visit our web site at https://www.cherrycapitalcommunications.com

  2. Visit our Face Book page: https://www,facebook.com/cherrycapitalconnection

  3. Like us or follow us on Face Book

  4. Call our sales office.  231-264-9970 extension 1

    1. When you call they will ask you for your name address and contact information.  Tell sales you are associated with the Wildwood project.   Your account will be flagged to receive updates. Sales will pin your location.  Pinning will assist us in designing a solution that will meet your needs.

    2. Sales will be sending a reservation form to each Board Member.  You will notice that the form does have space for credit card information.  This information is not required until the home owner decides to participate as a customer.  For security reason we prefer to collect this information over the phone.


We prefer that all projects identify a project Champion.  The Champion is our primary point of contact.  We have not yet secured a project champion for the Wildwood Valley project.  We have not determined the viability of proceeding with the project.