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2023 Pricing installation and monthly subscription pricing model

Pricing may vary depending on project area

Fiber to the Home connection fees

Cherry Capital Connection offers special pricing per project area based on adoption rates and achieving specific goals.  Call the CCC office for specific pricing based on your location.

The connection fee for a property with 1 service location and a driveway less then 375 feet has multiple separate costs to get fully connected. 


  • Installation fee $700

    • This fee connects the service location to the mainline fiber along the roadway.

    •  All attempts are made to be underground at a depth of 24"-30"

    • A property access form is required.  This form can be seen at the following page

    • Various projects such as:

      • Benzie County

      • Roscommon County

      • Grand Traverse County &

      • Leelanau County 

The Installation fee may be waived.

Some counties have offered ARPA funds that resulted in the fee being waived, other locations consumer demand has justified waiving the fee, and in other areas ACP eligibility has created the opportunity to waive this fee.   

  • Activation fee $500

    • This fee is associated with running the fiber wire from the point of installation to the service zone inside the home.  (one location requiring access to one room)

    • Configuration of the fiber optic to copper unit (property of CCC called an ONT)

    • Configuration and placement of the multiple switch demarcation unit (property of CCC).  You plug your router into the unit.

    • CCC offers payment plans

  • Consumer router and configuration fee. (Varies)

    • This fee varies depending on what equipment you choose to use.  We recommend you use the EERO site to determine your needs.​

    • CCC activation crews can assist you with setting up an EERO system.  However, you must have the unit on-site when the activation technician is on-site.  

Monthly subscription rates

2023 fiber pricing.png
Subscription rates include unlimited data.
Basic routers generally support 100Mbps service.  Work with your manufacturer to determine what router and WiFi unit is best to support plans the provide greater levels of service.  

Service experience will be influenced by placement of the WiFi devices.

CCC provides a 2.5Gig symmetrical copper pass off port to your router.

This Contact sales for a reservation form for your specific area.
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