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Survey - Signup - Construction

To begin the survey click on the button at the bottom of this page  labeled "Go take the Survey".  Before scrolling down, please take a moment and review these brief instructions.

When you click on the button below [go take the survey] you will be directed to a new page that will have our C.C.C. logo in the top left corner and five counties listed in a column on the right.


Before selecting  your county you may want to scroll down and quickly review three different topics.

  • Get Faster Internet First

  • Getting Fiber is a Team Effort

  • Benefits of Fiber​​

Next select your county.  If your county is not listed then send an e-mail to fttp-sales@cherrycapitalconnection.com and the sales department will send you a hard copy survey. 

The county page will offer you the opportunity to supply your service address.  Your address is needed to ensure we do not miss your location in our design.  You can scroll down the page and you will see the current projects we have designed for your county.  

You may choose to select a specific project then enter your street address or just enter your street address.

You may skip entering the city and state, just enter your street number and street name.

If the pin identifying your address is not correctly placed select "pick location on map".   This will allow you to move the pin.  You will be required to provide additional information associated with the pin if pick the location was required.

Then select "Take the Survey" or "Sign Up".  Only one option will be provided. 

The Cherry Capital Communications web site is where we will be posting all updates on the fiber project. 

At some point in the process you will receive an e-mail providing you with C.C.C. Customer portal access instructions.  We provide this customer portal because: 

We treat every consumer as if they are a customer,  

We value your feedback and 

We continue to strive to meet or exceed your expectations.

Thank You

Tim Maylone - CEO Cherry Capital Connection