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Service focused on Northern Michigan

In the middle of vast areas of forest, winding rivers, expansive lakes and towns separated by miles, what is the best way to get reliable high-speed internet access to you?  Cherry Capital Communications is at home here -- just like you -- and we specialize in getting you connected no matter where you are.

Cherry Capital Communications applies a variety of methods to bring you high-speed internet depending on where you are.  We install line-of-sight or near line-of-sight delivery systems in certain situations, and buried or aerial fiber-to-the-home in others.  We call it the "last mile deployment"!


And our unique business model means no caps and no contracts!

ESP Pricing

Enjoy speeds from 6Mbps up to 50Mbps. 

  • All ESP offerings require a 12-Month Commitment 

    • Pay monthly start at $66

    • Pay annually starts at $726

    • Seasonal starts at $ 624

ESP Pricing includes Internet access fees, warranty on all parts installed by CCC, labor, site visits to analyze issues and upgrades (when CCC determines upgrades are required) 

  • All ESP starting offers include the receiving antennas, cat5E or Cat6, conduit, mounting bracket, surge suppression unit, Power supplies and the demarcation unit.

    •  Each additional access point installed will add $3.00 per month to the monthly fee

      • An ESP6 installation with two access point (demarcation plus one additional) will have a monthly subscription rate of $69

With ESP after the installation your internet access experience with CCC is worry free.  No more surprise upgrades, site visit charges, truck roles or hardware replacement charges.

Click here for an ESP reservation form to get things started!

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Network Neighborhood

To bring the internet where it has never been before, Cherry Capital Communications invented a program called Network Neighborhood.  To be financially sustainable requires 15 neighbors within a certain proximity to join together and commit to being a CCC customer and then enjoy high-speed internet access tailored to you with no caps and no contracts required.


If new infrastructure is required, the total lead time is typically 3-6 months.  20-25 confirmed reservations is what it takes to get the process started, so talk to your neighbors today!

Service Plans

Cherry Capital Connection only tracks categories of accounts to comply with Federal and State reporting guideline

* Residential

* Business

* Not for Profit

* Government

No matter the category the service is the sameService response commitments are based on your ESP level.  CCC will make every reasonable attempt to service your location in the best possible time frame.  However we must prioritize based on your service plan.

ESP6 & ESP 8 are considered less critical and could require 3 - 7 days to get fixed.

ESP10 & ESP15 are considered small business entry and could require 1 - 3 days to get fixed

ESP20 through ESP50 are considered premium packaged.  Every reasonable effort to to facilitate repairs same day.

*Speeds availability depends on location. Speeds ESP10 and above may require additional engineering. The quoted prices are connected with a shared bandwidth and a 12-month commitment. For prices about dedicated bandwidth, please contact a sales representative.

**All speeds are "Up to" and may vary depending on many factors such as: Mother nature, speed test site issues, in home WiFi connection between our demarcation point the speed testing device, other. Our promise is to deliberately work to achieve a "not less than approach"

Fair Use Policy

Click here to read our Fair Use Policy to understand how high-speed, uncapped internet service is delivered and shared.

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