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A Modern Local Telecommunications Provider

High-Speed, Uncapped Internet

Service focused on Northern Michigan

In the middle of vast areas of forest, winding rivers, expansive lakes and towns separated by miles, what is the best way to get reliable high-speed internet access to you?  Cherry Capital Communications specializes in getting you connected no matter where you are -- because we are at home here, just like you!

Cherry Capital Communications applies a variety of methods to bring you high-speed internet depending on where you are.  We install line-of-sight or near line-of-sight delivery systems in certain situations, and buried or aerial fiber-to-the-home in others.  We call it "last mile deployment" all the way to you.

And our unique business model means no caps!

Enhanced Subscription Plans
Fixed Point Wireless Only

The quoted prices are connected with shared bandwidth. We currently do not offer dedicated bandwidth for No-commitment plans.

**All speeds are "Up to" and may vary depending on many factors such as: Mother nature, speed test site issues, in home WiFi connection between our demarcation point the speed testing device, other. Our promise is to deliberately work to achieve a "not less than approach"

ESP: covers warranty on all equipment C.C.C installs as long as your subscription is in good standings 

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