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Multiple step process

  1. Petition 

    • Name, Number, Address, Email, Physical property information 

      • This will help us determine the challenges in bringing fiber from the roadway to your service location​

    • Submitting will cause an email to be sent to sales 

    • Once received sales will send you conformation.  If your address is eligible for CCC Fiber

      • You receive an email with your customer portal information and a reservation form.

  2. Design

    • This step is ongoing and is influence by where the reservation forms indicate service is required.

  3. Funding

    • A portion of the funds are raised through the install fee. 

    • Percentage of the monthly subscription is allocated to Capital investment

    • The remainder is provided through private investment by CCC ownership. 

      • They are excited and proud to invest in your community.

  4. Construction

    • We will install fiber, markers, peds and handholes along your road right of way.. 

      • We work with MDOT and the local County road commission

    • We receive permission from you the property owner to bring fiber fromt he roadway to your home

  5. Connect

    • Once fiber is to your home CCC will bring fiber to a central location in your home​

    • Install Electronics

    • Activate your subscription

Our goal is to communicate progress per road.

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