Five step process

  1. Reservation - we collect

    • Name, Number, Address, Email, Subscription Plan

    • CCC will email you this document VIA Eversign as well. (Preferred method)

    • Once received you will

      • receive an email with your customer portal information when we receive the Reservation Form.

  2. Design

    • This step is ongoing and is influence by where the reservation forms indicate service is required.

  3. Funding

    • A portion of the funds are raised through the install fee. 

    • Percentage of the monthly subscription is allocated to Capital investment

    • The remainder is provided through private investment by CCC ownership. 

      • They are excited and proud to invest in your community.

  4. Construction

    • We will build towers that have been approved. 

    • Construct main line fiber

    • whatever is required to meet the demand. 

  5. Connect