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Wholesale Model - Open Access Network (OAN)

The Open Access Network (OAN) model results in the development of a fiber infrastructure with three layers.


  • The first layer is the Infrastructure layer, which is the conduit and physical cables that make up the network. It is also called the Passive layer.

  • The second layer is the Operations layer, which is lighting up the physical network with electronics and making it all work. It is also called the Active layer. 

  • The third layer is the Services layer, which consists of all the services delivered over the network.  This includes but is not limited to traditional services: Internet, Phone (VOIP) and TV (IPTV) services. 


The network would be capable of supporting other services like telehealth, home security, IoT and other Smart services. 


Cherry Capital Connection (CCC) is the network owner (or manager of the network), is responsible for constructing (or integrating) the first layer (passive), operating the second layer (active), and multiple retail service providers will be invited to deliver services over the network.

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