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Cherry Capital Communications strives to "Meet or Exceed" your expectations.  There are many factors that influence your experience and we stress to please use your customer portal and create a maintenance ticket, email support  or call support at 231-264-9970.   

"Light is Life" is our call sign and we are grateful to be part of our customers lives.


We are proud to be a part of the solution.  The expectations of High Speed Internet change as fast as the speed of light and we are committed to keeping pass.  Cherry Capital Communications is the aggregate of all our customers.  We may edit reviews to ensure that the content is not offensive.  We prefer 5 stars but understand we mess up and deserve a poor review.  Reviews will be posted for two years unless we are asked to remove them.  We use the reviews to improve our process and reviews help us understand what we are doing right. We do not post reviews that are linked to billing disputes.

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