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Telephone service available

Cherry Capital Communications provides you dial tone and wireless telephone service inside the home.

VoIP is the replacement for your landline.

You can receive a new phone number or you may keep your existing phone number

Keeping your existing phone number is called "Porting".  This process takes approximately 30 days.

  • If you utilize a C.C.C. high speed internet connection each phone line is $19.00 per month

  • If you utilize another providers high speed internet access each phone line is $35.00 per month

  • If you are a business we offer a virtual PBX that can manage all your extensions.

    • We provide customer quotes for all business accounts


All basic phone line services provide unlimited calling in the USA and Canada. 

All VoIP service is fully digital increasing your quality of experience.

Going 100% digital may require additional equipment.

We offer desk top and wireless phones

Our service is referred to as VoIP or SIP.  Simply stated instead of the phone call being sent over the old copper phone lines the telephone call is received over the internet.

Moving to SIP requires that you have battery backup or a whole house generator.  The FCC requires this to ensure that your 911 call can occur even during a long term power outage.  Ask for more details.

Approximately $200

Approximately $125 depending on the model

Approximately $150-$300 depending on the model

The most popular installation is a WiFi base station with one handset for $200.00 plus one additional wireless handset for $125.  The clarity and reliability is great.  With an average savings per month is $45.   You are money ahead in just 7 months.

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