Service area

Our service region is M-55 North to the Bridge.  Find your service location on the map and complete the form.  Once submitted the CCC sales department will follow up within 3-5 business days.  Completing the form does not obligate you to our fiber build.  The sales department will determine if Fiber is available or is Fixed Point wireless available and provide you with options.  The red lines on the map represents our current construction design work.  We are working on 80 neighborhoods all are in different stages of development.  We prioritize our construction schedule based on the greatest demand.

Service area - Fiber | Fiber to the Home | Fixed Point Wireless

Service area targeted for development - fiber & wireless

The Yellow line represents the REACH-3MC fiber network.  C.C.C. has access to this network and will utilize this network so we can focus on building your communities faster. The purple color represents C.C.C. fiber .  The blue areas are RDOF awarded areas. The Green circles represent Fixed Point Wireless vertical assets.

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