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Access to Property

(“Grantor”) hereby grants, conveys and warrants to Cherry Capital Connection, LLC, a Michigan Limited Liability Corporation (“Grantee”), with its principal office at 97 Lake Street, Elk Rapids, MI. 49629, its successors and assigns, a permanent, non-exclusive easement (“Right of Way”) to construct, test, reconstruct, renew, operate, modify, maintain, inspect, alter, repair, add to, and remove a telecommunication line or telecommunication lines for the transportation of telecommunication services which can be transported through a telecommunication line or telecommunication lines, and such conduits, pipes, fiber optic cable, vaults, pedestals, cabinets, shed, accessories and other equipment and appurtenances as may be necessary for the operation thereof over and through the following described real estate  in the Township of  (township name),  (county name) County, State of Michigan, to wit:

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