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The journey for fiber starts 

  1. Why Fiber?  Fiber is the most efficient method of delivering High Speed Internet to your location.  The industry trend is to receive greater benefit at comparative pricing.  CCC pricing is setting this trend.

    • Basic: 25meg for $68, 50meg for $88 or Premium: 75meg for $108 and 100meg for $128. 

    • CCC remains committed to NO DATA CAPS. Commercial packages available.

    • Fiber is future proof.

    • Fiber has the greatest cost of construction. 

      • Underground construction is the most expensive method,

      • It also the most stable,

      • Least intrusive on the view scape and

      • Least impact on the environment. 

  2. Cost of installation?  We invite everyone in the neighborhood to adopt fiber. 

    • Early adoption allows C.C.C. to offer install pricing of just $249.00 with a 24-month contract.


  3. Are contracts required?  Once you are on fiber history tells us you will not be dissatisfied. You will remain a customer.  The reason for a contract is related to bank financing.  The neighborhood installation and connection fees together reflect 5% of the overall cost of construction. 

    • We are privately funded no government or tax payer dollars required. 

    • There is a $10 per month connection fee applied monthly.   

      • This contract enables CCC to meet or exceed expectations.

        1. Current fixed point wireless CCC customers we will waive the 24-month connection fee. 

        2. All fiber customers are required to sign a 24-month contract. 

        3. Discounts are available.  

          • We apply discounts in priority order:  

            • 1) when you commit to longer term contracts,

            • 2) add telephone service,

            • 3) purchase premium service levels and

            • 4) prepay for service. 

  4. Is telephone service available? Yes.  When you bundle with fiber High Speed Internet access our $29 unlimited service plan is only $22.00 per month per line.

  5. Is TV service available? Digital antenna, third party Internet subscriptions. Saves you money.  CCC is working on an IPTV program that we will offer from $29.99 - $35.00 per month.

  6. What is the CCC vision for Fiber?  The CCC vision has always been and remains the neighborhoods we serve.  We are committed to converting 100% of all current fixed-point wireless customers and their neighbors to Fiber. 

    • CCC serves 80 neighborhoods affecting 14,000 households and small businesses.

      1. We are making it easy with a simple three step process:

        1. Survey (for most existing neighborhoods we will skip the survey step)

        2. Signup

          1. During signup we finalize the design and secure financing

        3. Construction starts when we receive a 66% signup commitment.  During this time:

          1. Obtain signed pre-commitments

            1. During our staking and permitting process we obtain signed easements.

          2. Estimated timeframe for construction 3-4 months (weather permitting)

  7. These are great times for many neighborhoods.  Some neighborhoods may have multiple fiber options presented.  We encourage you to support all options.  We are committed to installing you and all your neighbors during our construction season. 

    • We are the best and most experienced option.


Those households in our current service neighborhoods we define as our CCC Hot Potato!  We are excited to construct a fiber network for you.  Inviting your neighbors to participate will help us meet our Goal.


Your GOAL is to support fiber builds and to get it first.  Our Goal is to get you fiber.

Additional questions email: fttp-sales@cherrycapitalconnection.com.