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The journey for High Speed Internet access and Telephone service fiber starts here


Some points on how the Internet may save you money and provide additional value


The number 1 use of the internet by C.C.C. residential customers is TV

This is a generational shift in consumer habits.  The older you are the less likely you are to be comfortable with watching TV over the internet.  TV on the internet is called an “AP”.  “AP” is short for application.  An “AP” is a program that can run on a laptop, desktop, android phone, I-Phone, ROKU, Apple TV or any smart TV.

Before the internet you would order a DirectTV receiver and box near your TV and coaxial cable you would use your TV to watch content ABC, NBC, CBS or PBS.  The satellite receiver or cable TV provider replaced your over the air antenna.  TV over the internet and “Aps” replace the satellite and cable provider.  The big change for anyone watching TV on the internet is you do not turn the channel on your TV you select your input.

  • Dish network satellite has been replaced with the “AP” Sling TV

  • Direct TV has been replaced with AT&T Now

You can choose to use other “APs” such as:

  • Netflix, CBS All Access, Hulu

  • YouTubeTV

  • SlingTV

We do not sell Sling TV or You Tube TV – but we can help you set up an account when we install your service.

  • Sling TV starts at $30.00 per month (prices may change) and you receive local station from an antenna

  • You Tube TV sells their product for $49.99 (prices may change) and they offer local stations. 

Example monthly savings and Benefits:   

CCC 50M Fiber ($88) + Sling TV ** ($30) + CCC Land Line ($15) +

WiFi ** ($0) + Improved cell reception ** ($0) + Door bell camera from nest ** ($0) +

Cameras nest ** ($0) + Voice response from Google for home automation ** $(0)


Eight amazing quality of life offering for under $150.00

* C.C.C. VoIP (SIP Telephone services unlimited calling) 

** Many cloud based services have no monthly fees.  However, additional hardware costs associated with the vendors product 

Installation and equipment charges may apply.  C.C.C. offers monthly service for Internet access and land line phone (VoIP).  Other services are provided through a third party.  C.C.C. does offer to configure your Sling TV or You Tube TV service for a reasonable one time fee.

No matter the method of  connecting to the internet, either with C.C.C. Fixed Point Wireless or C.C.C. Fiber to the Premise C.C.C. can assist you in getting the greatest value for your investment.

High Speed Internet access and Telephone service from C.C.C. is a great value.

For streaming such as Netflix with Fixed point wireless we suggest a minimum of 10Mbps

For live streaming such as YouTube TV with Fixed point wireless we suggest a minimum of 15Mbps

The most popular Fiber to the Premise subscription is 100Mbps. Provides worry free streaming

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