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Restoring Internet Freedom Order 


Network Management Practices

  • Blocking.  Cherry Capital Connection (CCC) does not utilize practices (other than reasonable network management) block or otherwise prevent an end user access to lawful content, applications, service, or non-harmful devices,.

  • Throttling.  CCC does not utilize practices (other than reasonable network management) that degrades or impairs access to lawful Internet traffic on the basis of content, application, service, user, or use of a non-harmful device.

  • Affiliated Prioritization.  CCC will not utilize practices that directly or indirectly favors some traffic over other traffic, including through use of techniques such as traffic shaping, prioritization, or resource reservation, to benefit an affiliate. At this time CCC has no affiliate companies or partners.

  • Paid Prioritization.  CCC does not utilize practice that directly or indirectly favors some traffic over other traffic, including through use of techniques such as traffic shaping, prioritization, or resource reservation, in exchange for consideration, monetary or otherwise.

  • Congestion Management.  Descriptions of congestion management practices, NONE. 

  • Application-Specific Behavior. CCC does not block or rate-control specific protocols or protocol ports, modifies protocol fields in ways not prescribed by the protocol standard, or otherwise inhibits or favors certain applications or classes of applications.

  • Device Attachment Rules.  CCC does not impose any restrictions on the types of devices and any approval procedures for devices to connect to the network.

  • Security.  CCC does not assign residential users a unique public IP address and CCC blocks direct household to household communication.   

Additional information can be found under terms of use or privacy


Performance Characteristics

  • Service Description.  CCC provides internet access, point to point fiber transport, and Voice Over IP telephone service to locations classified as residential, business, government and not-for-profits. 

    • Internet access is provided using fiber to the premise (FttP) or fixed point wireless (FPW)

      • FPW uses unlicensed spectrum to the premise

        • Capable of up to 30Mbps asymmetrical

        • Can be affected by weather

        • good reliability

        • latency can vary between 35ms and 185ms to the CCC fiber gateway

          • the higher latency is experienced during heavy usage periods​

          • affected by the number of FPW links between the service location and the CCC fiber gateway

          • real time applications can be negatively affected during high latency moments

      • FttP uses end to end fiber 

        • The GPON delivery offers up to 1Gbps monthly subscription with asymmetrical characteristics.

        • The XgsPON delivery offers up to 2.5Gbps monthly subscription with symmetrical characteristics

        • The Active delivery offers up to 5Gbps monthly subscriptions with symmetrical characteristics

        • GPON, XgsPON, and Active offer

          • best reliability​

          • latency 1ms to 25ms to the CCC fiber gateway

          • all subscription layers can support real time applications

      • Voice Over IP ​

        • is available with any CCC high speed internet access subscription​

        • is available from CCC without high speed internet access with a separate CCC point to point transport service agreement

        • is available from CCC using a third party internet access subscription that can provide low latency and  low jitter 

      • Point to point fiber transport​

        • Available in support of CCC real time applications such as VoIP or cellular boosters​

        • Commercial applications

        • Carriers

        • The Impact of this Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services

          • No impact on internet access subscriptions


Commercial Terms

  • Price. 

    • For a list of prices in your area please all the office at 231-264-9970 and request a reservation form

    • CCC does not charge usage based fees

    • Refer to Billing policy for details and terms associated with monthly subscription  

  • Privacy Policies.  Refer to Privacy page

  • Redress Options.  

    • Questions, complaints, support should first be directed to:​

      • Sales related items 231-264-9970 option 1 or email sales

      • Support related items 231-264-9970 option 2 or email support

      • Billing related items 231-264-9970 option 3 or email billing

      • For issues related to management or projects email management

      • For issues related to fiber construction or projects email fiberteam 

    • We will do our best effort to respond to you in a timely manner.  Our priorities for response are:​

      • Business and government support issues​

      • Residential and not-for-profit support issues

      • Sales and billing

      • Management or project issues are handled by management is a timely manner.

Last updated 07-05-2022

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