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Cherry Capital Connection, LLC has been a member of the Elk Rapids Area and business owner in Elk Rapids for over 18 years.  Over this time period who and what Cherry Capital Connection is has matured and deserves a re-introduction. 


We had a name change: dba Cherry Capital Communications.  We are in the final stages of securing our CLEC “Competitive Local Exchange Carrier” license from the State of Michigan that includes the CAP “Competitive Access Provider” license.  The common word in both licenses is “Competitive”.  We embrace respectful competition that allows working with other (building relationships) to maximize all available technologies and resources for the economic benefit or all consumers. 

Cherry Capital Communications can be described three ways

State of Michigan CLEC and CAP documents state: Approval of Cherry Capital’s application is in the public interest because it will provide Michigan consumers, particularly consumers in rural Michigan, with an enhanced range of telecommunications services, increase customer choice, and will create competitive pressure on carriers already operating in Michigan to provide a higher level of services to their customers. Grant of the license requested in this Application will further the purposes of the MTA, which specifically authorizes local exchange service competition. Cherry Capital is already offering internet service to residential and business customers. A combination of internet and phone service offers convenience and money-saving possibility to customers. Therefore, Cherry Capital respectfully requests that the Michigan Public Service Commission (the “Commission”) grant it a license to provide local exchange service as described herein.   


In the chamber member listing we are described as: Cherry Capital Connection dba: Cherry Capital Communications (CCC) is a full-service provider of transport to the Internet focusing on the residential and small business market. CCC utilizes a hybrid approach of Fixed-Point Wireless and Fiber to the premise. We provide Next-Generation IP service such as VoIP (telephone).  Our focus area boundaries are M-55 north including the sunrise and sun set sides of the state to the Mackinaw bridge.   We provide the bridge for communities to fully prosper from the technology-based economy while connecting foundational industrial brick and mortar industries that choose to locate to Northern Michigan.

As a member of WISPA: Cherry Capital Connection principal is a Director of Michigan promoting and assisting WISPs throughout Michigan to succeed.

The Cherry Capital Communications team describes C.C.C. as the some of all our customers High Speed Internet access experiences.

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