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Additional Charges

Please note, that upon providing credit card information, your card will be automatically charged for $0.01 in order to be verified. Within 24 hours the $0.01 will be reimbursed. 

​In accordance with Cherry Capital Communications customer-oriented policy, we try to employ a full disclosure when charging our customers. Here are some of the charges that may appear:

  • Access point (multiple frequency, outdoor capable, 2,4ghz, 5ghz, one Ethernet port) -$150

  • Access point (single frequency, 2,4ghz, 5 Ethernet ports)- $150

  • 24 port managed gig switch- $250

  • 8 port managed gig switch with a single frequency Wi-Fi 2,4ghz- $250

  • Termination of Cat5E (per connection)- $5

  • Labor (per hour, per team)- $95 (Included with ESP fee in most cases)

  • Site analysis or site survey- $150 (without a commitment to proceed with installation at the time of survey)

  • 12x12 outdoor enclosure- $50

  • Fee for failing to give us 24-hour notice for cancelling/rescheduling confirmed appointment- $125

  • Equipment upgrade*- $295 (Included with ESP fee)

  • Compliance fee (per month)- $5 (Included with ESP fee)

  • Limited warranty (per month)- $10 (Included with ESP fee) 

  • Cat5E and conduit- $0.25 per foot

  • Site Visit to improve WIFI coverage - $95 plus additional access point radio.  (No labor fee if subscription is ESP15 or greater)

Prices are subject to change. Cherry Capital Communications is not responsible for any typing mistakes.

*Equipment installed under ESP offering has lifetime warranty (under normal wear and tear.  If offering is "ESP6" and equipment is over 12 months old there is a $99 activation fee for full activation of ESP.

Public IP Address

If you need security cameras installed, or any other work that requires a Public IP address, please bear in mind the following:

  • Public IP address will increase your monthly cost by $20 if we manage the router $100 if you manage your own router;

  • The company doing the installation must contact our support and provide information about the ports they need to have forwarded 48 hours prior to them arriving on site;

  • We need up to one week advanced notice that you need an IP address;

  • You must authorize Cherry Capital Communications via email to discuss the service location with the security firm.

Basic Installation 

The Basic Installation Fee of $570 ($400 for 2017! this has been extended through 2019!) includes:

  • Up to 100 feet of cat5e or Cat6;

  • One Radio receiver;

  • Up to 100 feet of conduit;

  • Up to 2.5 hours of labor;

  • Demarcation unit inside (this includes the first inside WiFi unit);

  • 2 power supplies;

  • Simple mount pole or DSS arm if required;

  • No trenching provided.



  • Trenching (requires calling Miss-Dig)

  • Labor over 2.5 hours- $95 per hour;

  • Conduit and cat5E over 100 feet.

  • Additional access points

  • Additional switches

  • Point to Point bridges to outside buildings

Repair Work

Standard Charges: (Most charges not assessed if under ESP and your account is in good standings)


Customer Initiates a site visit:

               $125 Min Charge- Includes On Site Visit of up to 1 Hour and transportation

               $95 for each additional hour of labor plus the price of each additional piece of equipment/device replaced/installed (Antenna, Radio Card, Access Point) that is not under warranty


Cherry Capital Communication Initiates a Site Visit:

               $95 Min Charge- Includes On Site Visit of up to 1 Hour and transportation

               $65 for each additional Hour of Labor plus the price of each additional piece of equipment/device replaced/installed that is not under warranty


If your not under ESP: Equipment Warranty is 12 months from the date of Installation/Upgrade (365 day Hardware Warranty).  Labor Warranty is 100 days from the date of the Original Installation/Upgrade (Labor is charged for anything outside the 100 day warranty). We recommend that you keep the equipment turned on at all times. Turning your equipment off during the winter may lead to freezing and the equipment might fail within 20-30-day period after it is turned back on. If your equipment fails due to freezing, the warranty will be voided. With Seasonal customers who turn off their equipment before the start of the winter and turn it back on in the spring/summer, the likelihood of freezing is minimal.


Cherry Capital Communications recommends that all customers participate in the ESP offering.

If the hardware fails more than once a year (12 months), Cherry Capital Communications requires that the homeowners/renters make an electrical inspection of the building.  The cost of the inspection is the property owners.  

A customer requested or our authorized site visit is a prearranged appoint at the customers designation in cancelled.  Generally an appointment is established or a time frame is established for what work is to be performed and an estimate of the cost of work to be performed. 


Cherry Capital Communications initiated work is generally limited to reestablishing service where we are already in the area or damage is caused by an outside source.  This saves the customer money and usually shortens the period of time the consumer is without service.     

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