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Burt Township

CCC continues to develop fiber plant and fiber to the Home in Cheboygan county.  However, based on Burt township conducting a feasibility study we have placed on hold all efforts in Burt Township until we understand the direction the township taking.

We hope the study brings to light valuable information that will result in a better delivery.

Once this is done we will review and adjust our plans accordingly.


We wish the township the very best. 

A five step process to better Internet

Step 1. Petition

Step 2. Design

Step 3. Funding

Step 4. Construction

Step 5. Connect  

with just five pieces of information  

1) Name,

2) Service address,

3) E-mail address,

4) Phone number and

5) Any comments you want to share. 

260 Petitions needed 

Request your petition form electronically - Click here

You will provide your name and e-mail address and a link to the petition will be sent.

This email is through Ever sign and will be sent by Kolleen Thomas - CCC sales

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