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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why?
    Most households can save $100 or more per month.
  • Local stations
    Local stations can be received through a digital antenna or NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, try the CW network. Can be received through a media server such as a RoKu box or Apple TV. RoKu and Apple TV connect to your digital TV via an HDMI Cable The media server cost $39 - $89 You download the application and watch the local contenrt for free
  • Access customer portal
    Follow this link: Or from the web site under the menu item "Customer Level" select the sub menu item "Customer Portal".
  • What do I use the Customer Portal for?
    The Customer Portal interacts with Cherry Capital Communications`database. It gives you the ability to pay bills online, create maintenance tickets, run speed tests or buy hot spot tokens.
  • Appointments
    All appointments should be completed in a period of 30 days after a payment is made. If we fail to do so, then the fees are refundable. For more information about our policies, please refer to our Billing, Cancellation, Credit and Refund Policy.
  • Do I need to buy anything for the installation?
    The Basic Installation fee includes: Hardware firewall, WI-FI access point (demarcation switch), antenna, receiver/transmitter radio, mounting bracket (J-mount or metal pole), cat5 wiring (up to 100 feet), power supplies and basic installation labor. Essentially everything you need to get online and start surfing the web.
  • Do you remove your equipment? Is there a fee for this?
    The customer owns the equipment.
  • IMAP Settings
    Inbound and outbound Server: where the domain name is one of Cherry Capital Connections doman names Inbound port is 143 Outbound port is 587 Encryption "auto"
  • What is the compliance fee?
    In response
  • Am I notified more than 30 days in advance that I should renew my subscription?
    Your Renewal Invoice will be automatically generated on the 21st of the previous month and sent to the email address we have on file.
  • Should I choose not to renew my subscription, are there any fees associated with this?"
    Cherry Capital Communications is one of the leaders on the market in Northern Michigan. We strongly recommend that you renew your subscription as we are customer-oriented company and we are here for you! We have cancellation fees. If you decide to terminate your service with the end of your commitment to us and you give us 30-day notice there is no fee.
  • Do I commit to Cherry Capital Communications?
    Unless you have chosen a no-commitment plan, you commit to Cherry Capital Communications for at least 12 months.
  • Can I cancel my contract before it expires?
    You can cancel you service at any time. There are fees associated with early termination of the contract. Refer to our Billing, Refund, Credit and Cancellation Policies for more information.
  • Can I upgrade/downgrade my speeds?
    We can upgrade your speed remotely, once we qualify you for it. This may require equipment upgrade or infrastructural improvement. Currently, we do not offer the option to downgrade the speed.
  • What if my equipment malfunctions?
    Starting June 1st 2017 all equipment has a 1-year limited warranty.
  • How do I contact the technical support?
    You can call 231-264-9970, Ext 2. You can send a detailed email to You can complete the contact form on our website. You can create a maintance ticket via our Customer Portal.
  • I contacted the customer support, but I did not hear back from them. What should I do?"
    The technical support will try to contact you/resolve your issue withing 72 hours. If your issue is not resolved in this time, or we have not contacted you, please feel free to contact us again.
  • What does the limited warranty cover?
    The warranty does not cover labor associated with the repairs, or purposely damaged equipment due to negligence.
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