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Wireless Installation Options

Standard Installation:

  • $400 Basic Installation Fee (Includes activation fee);

  • Basic equipment and labor included;

  • ESP: Warrantied for life of subscription while account is in good standings;

  • Customer Support.

  • Includes radio receiver and one access point

  • Each additional access point $150.00

"Rented" Installation:

  • $199 Installation Fee (Activation);

  • One Access point and labor included;

  • $20 per month for renting the rest of the equipment (for the first 18 months);

  • ESP: Warrantied for life of subscription while account is in good standings;

  • Customer Support.

Everything I should know about the installation

Every installation requires a completed ESP Reservation form be submitted Click here

Special Site Survey:

(where you request we visit your site before you will make a decision)

  • $150 non-refundable fee*, charged on the day an appointment for site survey is made;

  • Precise analytics for service availability and speeds;

  • Conducted by a Senior Engineer;

*The fee will be waved for customers who subscribe for a plan for 20Mbps or more.



  • Activation fee,

  • Hardware firewall, WI-FI access point (demarcation switch), antenna, receiver/transmitter radio, mounting bracket (J-mount or metal pole), Cat5 or Cat6 wiring (up to 100 feet), power supplies and basic installation labor.  Essentially everything you need to get online and start surfing the web.  Basic Installation labor requires up to 2.5 hours on site. The installer will determine what equipment works best to deliver you best service,

  • When reserving an installation please note that all basic installations include drilling through 1 easy to access outside wall only.  Difficult to access area may be assessed additional labor fees.  A single wired connection within 10 feet of the access point (demarcation) is included at no additional fee and will be completed with industry standard wiring. 

  • Due to insurance restrictions, Cherry Capital Connection does not bury Cat5E wiring of any kind (we do install all cat5E that is away from the building in conduit).  The land owner may bury the conduit.  To bury the conduit, we suggest a minimum depth of 1 inch.  To connect wireless (WiFi) to the internal access point, we assume computer(s) are already wireless-enabled. Extra equipment for your devices to be wireless compatible is your responsibility.  Where we install the antenna must allow or enable Cherry Capital Communications reasonably easy access for servicing and must provide a location for best service.  Visual impact is considered only is service is not degraded.  If we are unable to provide you service, no fees are assessed.

  • Fees/warranty - See details outlined by ESP.

  • Miscellaneous Items (optional – Just for Your Information and reference): 

         -We do offer a dedicated site survey prior to reserving an installation. This is rarely required or requested and is rarely required.  This               requires a $150 non-refundable labor and transportation fee.  We meet with you on your property at your appointed time prior to your             reservation.  This is offered but rarely utilized, based on the fact that, if we cannot get you connected you will receive a full refund.                   We do not promote this service but we have been asked to offer it.

         -Speeds and service levels are associated with wired connections ONLY. A wireless access point is supplied with each installation                  package, if you choose to use your own wireless access point there may be a $50 connection configuration fee and we do not                     support the installation beyond the POE Ethernet pass off.

        -Installation scheduling targets morning or afternoon.  Weather may cause delays or rescheduling up to seven days.  Our field installer             will try to call if a delay is eminent however, with varying cell service this may not be possible.  The home owner is requested to be                   present during installation.

        -Additional access points are assessed a one-time installation fee of $150. 


See ESP plan fees for additional information regarding warranty.

  • To secure an installation date your credit card or e-check information must be on file.  Installation fees will be charged up to 30 days prior to installation or up to 180 days as part of a network neighborhood project.  Monthly payment for access by credit card or e-check on file, unless done annually.  If subscription payment is mailed by check or not auto pay all payments are due prior to the first of the month. Late fees may be assessed 10 days after the first of the month.  Unpaid service may be queued to 64k x 64k if payment not received promptly or may be severely restricted until payment is received. 

  • Customer must e-mail 30 days prior to actual disconnection. There will be a re-connection fee $200.00 assessed for all re-connections after service has been disconnected.  ESP6 and ESP8 plans require auto pay or a minimum of 30 days prepay.

All appointments should be completed in a period of 30 days after a payment is made. If we fail to do so, then the fees are refundable. For more information about our policies, please refer to our Billing, Cancellation, Credit and Refund Policy.



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