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Projects including private investment, RDOF, and ARPA supported areas

Press Release

Future proof & Fast Internet (11-2021)


Cherry Capital Connection, LLC (“CCC”) was incorporated on March 20, 2007.  It began offering consumer broadband services in 2007 and has continually expanded its service territory throughout  the Northern section of the lower peninsula of Michigan. CCC provides broadband and telephone services to customers in eleven (11) Michigan counties.  Our fixed point wireless territory covers approximately 2,900 square miles and our Fiber to the Home covers approximately 2,500 square miles.


CCC was awarded 2,791 locations within twenty-five (25) census block groups in eight (8) counties in Michigan in the RDOF Phase 1 Auction.  All awarded census block groups were bid with service in the Gigabit tier with Low Latency.  Often described as “Future Proof & Fast” internet access.  RDOF Infrastructure construction will require capital investment of $8.25 million over six (6) years.  CCC contribution will exceed $4.88 million.  There are over nine thousand (9,000) service locations passed along the three hundred and eighty-eight (388) miles of fiber within the awarded census block groups and three hundred seventy-nine (379) miles of auxiliary fiber to reach another 11,000 nearby neighbors.  Each house passed is eligible to receive high-speed internet access and telephone services. 


We have established this web site to keep you informed of our project and you are encouraged to visit this site often.  Additionally, please complete the petition at  Filling out the petition you will indicate your desired high speed internet access level and you will provide electronic contact information.  All information remains confidential.   By providing your electronic contact information you authorize CCC to keep you informed.


The FCC has required that we complete the build in six (6) years. However, our goal is to get you connected as quickly as possible.  This effort is a substantial economic enabler. CCC is an Elk Rapids based telephone company and we are pleased to service your telecommunication needs.

RDOF focus area

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