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What to Expect - from your installation and activation

Step 1. Petition - Let CCC know you are interested in service

Design, Funding, and Construction are continuing activities getting your service location (home) able to surf the web and receive services that utilize the world wide web. 

Step 2. Design

Step 3. Funding

Step 4. Construction

CCC crews and contractors will be plowing fiber and conduit along the roadway and from the roadway to your service location.  Heavy equipment such as a boring machine, excavator, and plow will be used to bring you world class service. 

For your safety, please do not approach the crews.  

Step 5. Connect 

Installation is Step A and Step B.

Consumer responsibilities are Step C through Step E.

Activation of service is Step F and Step G.

Step A: CCC brings fiber from the road right of way (row) to your service location.

Before we do this, CCC calls Miss Dig and Miss Dig flags all public utilities.  A CCC representative will ask you to identify where your private utilities are.  Private utilities can be private electrical lines, doggie fences, water line, Septic tank and field, etc.  You are responsible for letting CCC know.  

We request a signed authorization to access property form or an easement agreement.

Step B: CCC identify the best location to mount our utility box on the side of your service location.

 The utility box is small plastic box that allows for transitioning from service line fiber to tough fiber that runs into your location.   The crew that bring the fiber to your location and mounts the utility box is called a Drop Crew team member.  

For single family locations - CCC does not connect out buildings

For multiple dwelling location - CCC will run a separate service line.

Sharing service with your neighbor is not allowed, approved, or accepted.  

Step C: To obtain service you will need to fill out a reservation form.  You specify what level of service you want. 

Step D: Let CCC know if you are eligible for ACP.  This is your responsibility and will need to be done annually.

Step E: Obtain a router and configure.  

The Internet port on your router should be set up for  auto negotiate and to receive DHCP.   

Step F:  CCC will schedule the installation of an inside wire and demarcation device referred to as an ONT. 

The demarcation unit(s) are the property of CCC and may be a single unit or may be comprised of two units.  The unit(s) translate pulses of light so that you receive the internet.

Step G: The CCC technician will test light levels and ensure maximum capacity is verified and recorded. 

The technician is provided a limited timeframe to get you connected and verified.  To ensure appointments are not missed we ask that you limit your questions until the work is completed.   The technician will answer questions you may have.  

You should have your router ready to plug in. 

This CCC representative is not responsible for configuring your router, setting up your WiFi, or connecting your devices such as but not limited to an IPAD, ROKU, Fire stick, Apple TV,  printer, thermostat, Laptop, Desk top, cameras, or door bell.         

CCC does not connect out buildings.  


The technician comes prepared to complete the work assigned and is allotted 2 hours.


If there is time available the technician may assist you in configuring the router and getting one device connected.  Rarely is there enough time to do additional activities.

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