Guilt-Free Gigabytes

in Cheboygan!

High-Speed, Uncapped Internet Service for Cheboygan, Michigan

Cherry Capital Communications specializes in getting you connected no matter where you are, and we have a project moving forward in Cheboygan right now!  

Using a tower being constructed just north of Wartella Road in Benton Township, Cheboygan, phase 1 will provide high-speed, uncapped internet access to dozens of homes along Wartella Road, White Pine Road, Butler Road, N. Black River Road, and Orchard Road, an area which also includes Bonter Ct.

A Micro-neighborhood Projects is going to provide a better service to all homes located on Upper Mograin Road and Ridge Run.

Is your home in this zone?  Take a look at the map and fill out the interactive form below!  If it is, contact us with any questions or return your Residential Reservation Form today!

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A future phase of this project is to provide Fiber To The Home, where internet access is wired directly to your home from the tower.  

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