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Personal Wireless Tower 

Network Neighborhood 

Cherry Capital Connection constructs Towers in support of Network Neighborhoods 

Additionally, we construct smaller micro Neighborhood towers that are positioned near the road right of way. 

These micro neighborhood structures are 17 to 27 feet in height 


Up to 128-foot Rohn-25 style guy towers that provide High Speed Internet Access and Telephones services.  This service does support streaming.  Our sustainable business model is further enhanced by the use of these light weight low profile vertical assets that blend nicely into the landscape.  


The minimum height requires 25-40 feet of height above the tree line and requires a clear canopy for the guy wires.  No roadway is constructed.  The tower weights less than 500 pounds and each 10-foot section is manually lifted into the proper location.  There is no concrete foundation.  A 3-foot deep 12-inch diameter hole is created and the tower is placed in the hole and erected from the ground up. 


Power consumption is the equivalent of a 60-watt light bulb remaining on 24/7.  So very low consumption.   No lighting is required.  This is dark operational site.  When servicing the location, we will be using the land owner driveway to park and walk to the location.  We schedule 4 visits per year to the site to perform regular maintenance and upgrades. The guy wires are secured at 6 points on the ground.  Each earth anchor can support 4,200 pounds of pull and we use 6 guy wires for each leg.  Tower weights less than 500 pounds fully configured. The tower is designed to support 7 square feet of wind load at the top assuming 100 MPH winds with ice and snow.  We do not exceed the wind load.  Safety is our number one focus associated with our tower operations.  Copies of the final lease will be filed with the county once the tower is approved and constructed.

We are regulated by the FCC, FAA and MDOT.  All required documents are filed.

This is defined by the FCC as a personal wireless facility.  

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