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Guilt-Free Gigabytes

on Hoag Road!

High-Speed, Uncapped Internet Service for Petoskey, Michigan

Cherry Capital Communications specializes in getting you connected no matter where you are, and we have a project moving forward in Petoskey right now!  Just south of town between US 131 and River Road lies Hoag Road.  And if you want high-speed, uncapped internet service there, then Cherry Capital Communications is getting you covered!

Using a tower being constructed near Hoag Road, phase 1 will provide high-speed, uncapped internet access to over a dozen homes along this forested lane.

Is your home in this zone?  Take a look at the map and fill out the interactive form below!  If it is, contact us with any questions or return your Residential Reservation Form today!

Residential Service
Network Neighborhood
Business Service
Get Connected, Petoskey!
fill in all fields and then select submit.  A map will be displayed
Find your location on the map and complete the inquiry.

A future phase of this project is to provide Fiber To The Home, where internet access is wired directly to your home from the tower.  

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