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Presque Isle Township MEDC Grant

MEDC reference CASE – “274519”





The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (the "MEDC") enters into a binding agreement (the "Agreement") with the Township of Presque Isle (the "Grantee'} As used in this Agreement, the MEDC and Grantee are sometimes individually referred to as a "Party" and collectively as "Parties."




Primary contact information


Name: Larry Fields, Presque Isle Township Supervisor

Address: 126 53 E. Grand Lake Rd. Presque Isle, MI 49777

Phone: 989-595-2752


Web site: Presque Isle Township Contact page

Please describe the public purpose of the project:


For over a decade the community has been struggling to get the attention of any of the major providers of Internet services with little or no real response. We have 1600 people in the area around Grand Lake and in the Township proper and less than HALF have Internet that even approaches 5 Mbps Internet download speeds (10 Mbps was the OLD download speed standard by the FCC, and the new proposed standard is 25 Mbps). Even a new buildout paid for by the FCC will just meet the old standard but leave HALF the township with no minimum coverage levels. To add to the urgency of the situation two of our current providers are in financial difficulties and one may be shutting down service soon.


Realizing that our community REQUIRES internet to remain a viable community for younger families, to provide safe communications and monitoring of our older residents, and provide security and other service s to support full time and weekend resident s alike , the Township has undertaken to develop strategies to build a Wireless Internet service that meets the new FCC standard. We also want whatever options we explore to quickly transition over 1 to 2 years to 'Fiber to the Home' (FttH) that will provide viable twenty-first-century Internet service to the entire community for decades to come. For that reason, we are commissioning two studies and a 'proof of concept' practical implementation program for Presque Isle Township residents to achieve our long-term goals.

MEDC reference CASE – “274519”
Cherry Capital Selected

Cherry Capital Connection selected

The anticipated time-frame for each cost noted above. (No cost identified should be prior to June 25, 2018, and targeted project completion should be no later than January 1, 2020.

  • There are two deliveries.  Each delivery timeline is independent of the other.

    • The feasibility study will continue through to the end of the POC​

    • Proof of Concept will begin when the BOT accepts the POC plan.

  • Fixed Point Wireless (FPW) and Fiber to the Home (FttH) studies will proceed concurrently. Based on receiving the agreed-upon amounts the anticipated delivery of both studies will occur within 60-90 days. Distribution of sums of money associated with studies

    1. Immediately (Dollar amount removed - anticipated August 20,2019 to ensure POC can be delivered by November 2019)

      • Distributed​

      • There was a small delay in distribution causing a later then expected start date for the feasibility study.

    2. When final report delivered and reviewed with township (Anticipated October 1, 2019 or sooner.​​

      • Distributed

      • The feasibility study was distributed in an index form.

        • The final feasibility data will not be know until after the POC is executed.

          • Multiple barriers in zoning language and property owner agreements must be executed prior to feasibility being known.  

          • CCC has been asked at the March 9, 2020  BOT meeting to provide a hardcopy of all known feasibility data along with an electronic version.  

  • Determination to proceed with POC can be done anytime during the process but no later than Oct 6, 2019. Upon approval to proceed with POC (Dollar amount removed)  will be distributed. (PIBOT has extended the POC end date to July 2020)

    1. 10% will be retained by PIBOT in reserve until POC is completed.

    2. Timely approval of the POC is recommended to facilitate:

      1. Acquisition of tower site

      2. Ordering of material to be used

      3. Obtaining permits. IE: zoning, building, electrical, Metro act, county road commission, Miss Dig.

      4. The effort associated with POC will start once POC dollars are distributed

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